Appendix degree thesis? Find out what it is and what it is for

Your thesis is almost ready. All you need is conclusions and thanks.

Or at least this is the version you like to spread to the “public” to feel right with your conscience!

In reality there is also another thing that you would always like to include in your thesis but you have stalled until now because you just couldn’t find it: the original version of that rare text that you have thoroughly analyzed in your paper.

Now that it’s finally in your hands, you can’t believe it and you can’t wait to show it off in front of the commission!

Your only hope is that your rapporteur will turn into your guardian angel and break a lance in your favor by proposing to stand up for the graduation vote!

But back to reality. If you want to make this happen, you need to take one step at a time. For the moment the infamous document is not yet part of your thesis, so what you have to do is dedicate yourself to its correct insertion. How to avoid overturning the thesis structure?

Don’t panic: you can attach it in the Appendix!

What are the Appendices?

From the Latin appendix, or hang, the appendix is ​​defined as:

“Added part, accessory to another […]; with reference to books, addition of post at the end

of the volume to clarify particular points not completely dealt with in the text […] “.

Basically we can define it as the section that is added to the end of the thesis and that contains material of various nature useful for a greater understanding of your work.

Thanks to the Appendix, you can attach any additional support material to your thesis and make it immediately accessible to the reader. Useful, don’t you think?

What can you attach in the appendix?

Here are some examples of what you can put in the Appendix:

  • The original version of a rare text.
  • The original text of a law or a legislative decree.
  • A document of historical importance.
  • The translation of a poem or a story.
  • An interview.

Where to place it within the degree thesis?

Since it is not indispensable for understanding the discourse, the Appendix is ​​designed to give the thesis an added value.

This means that it should not be inserted in the body of the text as if it were a quote, but should be added in one of these two places:

At the beginning of the thesis – immediately after the general index.

At the end of the thesis – immediately after the conclusions.

Returning to the original version of that rare text that you have thoroughly analyzed in your work … here is its place! Now you can go back to fantasizing about its benefits against your graduation grade!

And honestly, it could also help you prepare a good presentation for discussion!